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 plans projects


Who may avail of the Service:               Businessmen, contractor, builders, resident owners

What are the requirements :


  1. Business License application/assessment form (Mayor’s Office)
  2. Bill of Material and cost estimates and site development plan (for construction of building)
  3. Proof of Ownership
  4. Environmental Certificate of Compliance (ECC) for environmental business


Duration:             2 hours

How to avail of the Service:




Who may avail of the Service:             Businessmen, student, researcher, Brgy.  Officials

What are the requirements:                  Letter of Request

Duration:                                                 15 minutes

How to avail of the Service:




          ISSUANCE OF MAYOR’S PERMIT ( for Business)

Who may avail of the service:

Any person who shall establish, operate or conduct any business in the Municipality of Casiguran, Aurora



CTC (Sedula)                                                                      Official Receipt for Mayor’s Permit

Police Clearance                                                                 Fire Safety Inspection Certificate

Locational Clearance( for newly started business)                 Documentary Stamp

Annual Inspection of building/establishment            Tax Clearance

Sanitary Inspection                                                              DTI (single proprietor)

Medical Certificate (for Food Handlers)                               SEC Registration (corporation)

Barangay Permit (for Videoke)                                            CDA (Cooperatives)

Previous Mayor’sPermit(for business renewal)

Last year gross receipts/ Income (for business renewal)

Certificate of Public Conveyance from LTFRB (transport vehicle)

Other Requirements:

DepEd Certificate / Authority to operate (Schools)          SSS

BFAD Certificate (Drug Store)                                      PAG-IBIG

ECC (Environmental Compliance Certificate)                 PHILHEALTH

Duration:       42  minutes

How to avail of the service:


          ISSUANCE OF MAYOR’S PERMIT (for Tricycle)

Who may avail of the service:

Tricycle Owners / Operators

What are the requirements:

  • CTC (Sedula)
  • Police Clearance
  • Official receipt for Mayor’s Permit
  • Documentary Stamp


Duration:          27 minutes

How to avail of the Service:





Fast Facts about Casiguran



The town got its name from the native word “KASIGURUHAN” which means safety.

Casiguran was founded in 1609.

Indigenous People

The Agtas or Dumagat are the aborigine of Casiguran.

There are two civil reservations for the Agtas in the municipality.


Casiguran is 120 kilometers away from Baler, Aurora.


The Sierra Madre Mountain range runs in the entire length of the municipality.

Casiguran has a peninsular strip land form called “Cape San Ildefonso”

Political Subdivision

The municipality is composed of 24 barangays.

Barangay Bianoan is the most populated barangay.


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