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Casapsapan Beach

Barangay Culat

              Casapsapan Beach is nestled in Casapsapan Bay and located at the northwestern tip of San Ildefonso Peninsula. The gray-hued sand beach stretches 2.5 kms. where the Casapsapan river exits on the southeast end of the shore, while a fan-shaped rimmed carbonate shelf sits on the northwest side, partly dividing the last 500 meters of the beach to create a smaller pocket beach. The bay is ideal for snorkelling and swimming, provided a local guide is present at all times to maintain in-water safety of visitors as the bay has strong currents.



Cuaresma Beach

Barangay Calabgan

              Cuaresma Beach is popular destination for local families who wish to spend some time on the beach. The 2 km stretch of cream-hued sand and gentle slope make it ideal for picnics and swimming. Several cottages are already set up for the use of visitors.



Dalugan Beach

Barangay San Ildefonso

              Dalugan Beach offers a mixture of fine white sands, variety of stones, amazing rock formations a scenic views and a sea turtle nestling site. It faces



Dibanga Beach

Barangay San Ildefonso

              Constantly battles battering waves from the Pacific Ocean and this gives it its unique coastal features. The northern end of Dibanga beach features a large hole that has been carved from the rock and provides an easy access to the other side of the cliff. It also features corridors that cut through the rock formation underwater creating a beautiful swimming area. Summer is about the only time that swimming is possible since the waves can be force, especially during the northeast monsoon season.



 Motyong Beach

 Barangay Esteves

              Offers a creamy brownish sand with clear, blue, and calm waters perfect for swimming.



Disolon Falls

Barangay Ditinagyan

              Is a three layered falls which offers a cool dip in its natural pool. Locals regularly come here to enjoy the natural pools with family and friends. Before reaching it you will trek rice fields and coconut plantations for a feel of the quant countryside living.



Dialang Falls

Barangay San Ildefonso

              Located 1.8 kms from the mouth of Dialang River, this is a multi-tiered falls each with a plunge pool. The highest fall is about 15 feet, surrounded by boulders and rock ledges where guests can jump.



Tibu Intertidal Pool

Barangay San Ildefonso

              Tibu Pool is a unique feature along the San Ildefonso Beach. The inter-tidal zone features rocky stumps with shallow and deep pools that create varied habitats for marine fauna. A once secluded beach that is seldom visited due to the difficulty of access, Tibu Pool has gradually enticed locals and is now a regular “must-see” place, especially during long weekends and holidays.



Ontok Lighthouse

Barangay San Ildefonso

              Situated 12 kms from Pandungan Port in San Ildefonso, it offers a 360-degree view of Casiguran Sound and the Pacific Ocean. Below it is the opening to the mystic Twin Caves.The coastal substrate changes from the sand to gravel and to boulders, and changes to fine sand again as the trek nears the lighthouse. Rock formations are varied and quite awesome since this part of the Peninsula gets a lot of wave, current and wind, which all contribute to the weathering and shaping of the landscape and seascape.



Nuestra Señora dela Ermita

Barangay 03

              The name “ERMITA” is believed to havecome from the name “ERMITAnyo” a man full of hair according to local folklore. The “M” formation of leaves af Acacia tree alongside of Ermita hill is believed to pertain as “Mother Mary”. The Hill itself is associated with healing and miraculous powers. Every September 28 the people celebrate the “birthday” of Ermita hill. Today, it is considered a pilgrimage site, and is visited by a many devotees and tourists during the Lenten season.

              The Chapel is open anytime and anyone can visit and pray. It is believed to have healed a lot of people who were sick. Devotees from different places visit the chapel during the Lenten season. They line up to ask for help and healing by touching the image of the Virgin Mary.

              Mass is given every Saturday Morning by Father Molde or Father Jofran. Seminarians also come to help during mass. They also celebrate a feast for the Blessed Virgin Mary every 28th of February, which is said to be her birthday.


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